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A Small Orange Review

A Small Orange is changing the world of web hosting. You will be greeted by those exact lines when you visit the site of A Small Orange (ASO). In some ways, maybe they are, beginning with the company name itself. After all, it’s pretty hard to associate the complex modern technology to something so – basic. Yet, the name may have been smartly thought of, so much so that it rings out a friendly, easy-to-deal with company.

What better way to entice clients, especially those new to the web hosting world. While it has been a common theme for web hosting companies to portray a serious-looking website, just so it would strike clients that they really mean business, ASO hit it with a totally different approach – a fresh, tangy one. The artistic graphics will catch even a schoolgirl’s eye, it’s not shocking if it will be mistaken for a game site. While there is risk that, at first glance, the company will not be regarded highly, this can also be a good way to draw clients in. The unorthodox look of the website could be just how clients will see what type of a company ASO is.

One that does business with no pretense and complexity, but the same high-quality service done in an approachable, down to earth manner, not to mention low price. Going deeper into the business itself, ASO provides you a clear-cut picture of the disk space and bandwidth it offers, what’s to expect and what’s not. It’s very unlike with other companies that gets you confused with their so-called unlimited hosting, when apparently that’s just impossible.

For small businesses or those which have just started out, you can apply for the $20/month startup plan. That is a steal offer in the world of web hosting. The best thing with ASO, by far, could be their superb customer service. Send them a ticket, and you’re sure to get a response in just 30 minutes. They will welcome even the most stupid-sounding questions about their product. Indeed, every client is treated importantly, because ASO knows they are! Let’s run on to some of the best things ASO offers: 1. Good price – there is always one that will suit your budget. 2. Flexible plans – they will give you just the right package. 3. Uses the standard cPanel – user-friendly. 4. Fast response time – just 30 minutes, and you have their attention. 5. No hidden agenda – you’re getting exactly what you paid for. Here are some points on which ASO should make improvements: 1. No phone support – this may not be an issue to some, but it’s best to let your customers feel that you are there for them 24/7. 2. Lack of experience and longevity – it’s fair to say this, compared to the giants of the industry. In totality, ASO can easily be ranked on the 2nd or 3rd spot, among it’s competitors.

The company may be young, but if it’s able to maintain and keep up with its strengths, it’s going to be a sure success. After all, who else can spread the word better than ASO’s satisfied clients!