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Top 4 Online Stores Selling Air Mattresses

Since we all sleep, we all know how important a good air mattress can be. Size, comfort, stiffness, support all of these and more factor into the quality of air mattresses. A general rule of thumb is that the more you invest into your mattress, the better your sleep experience will be.

But just how there are different air mattresses out there, so are stores that sell them different when compared to each other. In that name, here are our picks for the top 4 air mattress online stores.

Sleep Number

Despite the fact that Sleep Number has been around since 1987, it has only caught the attention of the public eye in recent years with their incredible invention – the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed.

It’s a one of a kind device, really. Aside from being an amazing air mattress to begin with, the 360™ Smart Bed actually senses your every move while you’re sleeping and adjusts itself in order to provide the most comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

That’s not all the Sleep Number is known for. Most of their other products are extremely high-quality, which is why they come at a hefty price.


Although Purple had begun making amazing mattresses four years ago, founders and brothers Terry and Tony Pearce have been in the design and advanced aerospace material businesses since 1989, respectively.

Once the company started focusing on air mattresses, it wasn’t long before it created the world’s first No Pressure™ mattress, which acts as a firm mattress but is actually very soft by nature.

The online store provides free shipping and a 100-night trial period for all of their mattresses. Each air mattress sold by Purple contains their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, which ensures you get the highest quality of sleep.

Night Air Beds

As the successor to the Boyd Specialty Sleep, which was founded way back in 1977, Night Air Beds are by far one of the biggest manufacturers of air and hybrid mattresses in the world. The company became famous for its Boyd Night Air® mattress, which allows you to control each side of the bed independently in terms of comfort and support via a remote control.

That’s not, however, everything their online store has to offer. From “supreme” and “ultra” air mattresses to other sleep-related products and huge sales, Night Air Beds certainly ranks high on the best air mattress online stores list.


Like other entries on this list, NECTAR has been around for quite some time – 15 years, to be exact. Their main focus are hand-crafted air mattresses and the usage of CertiPUR-US® foam technology in all of their products.

NECTAR’s online store is neatly packed with information on their staple air mattress, as well as with sales, a 365-night trial, multiple size options, and more.

The most notable thing about their internet shop is the Forever Warranty™ – they will replace any faulty mattress you buy from them if a problem occurs in the first 10 years, or, if you so choose, you can keep the original mattress and order a new one at 50% of the original price. Please visit