Air Mattress

Top 4 Online Stores Selling Air Mattresses

Since we all sleep, we all know how important a good air mattress can be. Size, comfort, stiffness, support all of these and more factor into the quality of air mattresses. A general rule of thumb is that the more you invest into your mattress, the better your sleep experience will be.

But just how there are different air mattresses out there, so are stores that sell them different when compared to each other. In that name, here are our picks for the top 4 air mattress online stores.

Sleep Number

Despite the fact that Sleep Number has been around since 1987, it has only caught the attention of the public eye in recent years with their incredible invention – the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed.

It’s a one of a kind device, really. Aside from being an amazing air mattress to begin with, the 360™ Smart Bed actually senses your every move while you’re sleeping and adjusts itself in order to provide the most comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

That’s not all the Sleep Number is known for. Most of their other products are extremely high-quality, which is why they come at a hefty price.


Although Purple had begun making amazing mattresses four years ago, founders and brothers Terry and Tony Pearce have been in the design and advanced aerospace material businesses since 1989, respectively.

Once the company started focusing on air mattresses, it wasn’t long before it created the world’s first No Pressure™ mattress, which acts as a firm mattress but is actually very soft by nature.

The online store provides free shipping and a 100-night trial period for all of their mattresses. Each air mattress sold by Purple contains their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, which ensures you get the highest quality of sleep.

Night Air Beds

As the successor to the Boyd Specialty Sleep, which was founded way back in 1977, Night Air Beds are by far one of the biggest manufacturers of air and hybrid mattresses in the world. The company became famous for its Boyd Night Air® mattress, which allows you to control each side of the bed independently in terms of comfort and support via a remote control.

That’s not, however, everything their online store has to offer. From “supreme” and “ultra” air mattresses to other sleep-related products and huge sales, Night Air Beds certainly ranks high on the best air mattress online stores list.


Like other entries on this list, NECTAR has been around for quite some time – 15 years, to be exact. Their main focus are hand-crafted air mattresses and the usage of CertiPUR-US® foam technology in all of their products.

NECTAR’s online store is neatly packed with information on their staple air mattress, as well as with sales, a 365-night trial, multiple size options, and more.

The most notable thing about their internet shop is the Forever Warranty™ – they will replace any faulty mattress you buy from them if a problem occurs in the first 10 years, or, if you so choose, you can keep the original mattress and order a new one at 50% of the original price. Please visit

Web Hosting

A Small Orange Review

A Small Orange is changing the world of web hosting. You will be greeted by those exact lines when you visit the site of A Small Orange (ASO). In some ways, maybe they are, beginning with the company name itself. After all, it’s pretty hard to associate the complex modern technology to something so – basic. Yet, the name may have been smartly thought of, so much so that it rings out a friendly, easy-to-deal with company.

What better way to entice clients, especially those new to the web hosting world. While it has been a common theme for web hosting companies to portray a serious-looking website, just so it would strike clients that they really mean business, ASO hit it with a totally different approach – a fresh, tangy one. The artistic graphics will catch even a schoolgirl’s eye, it’s not shocking if it will be mistaken for a game site. While there is risk that, at first glance, the company will not be regarded highly, this can also be a good way to draw clients in. The unorthodox look of the website could be just how clients will see what type of a company ASO is.

One that does business with no pretense and complexity, but the same high-quality service done in an approachable, down to earth manner, not to mention low price. Going deeper into the business itself, ASO provides you a clear-cut picture of the disk space and bandwidth it offers, what’s to expect and what’s not. It’s very unlike with other companies that gets you confused with their so-called unlimited hosting, when apparently that’s just impossible.

For small businesses or those which have just started out, you can apply for the $20/month startup plan. That is a steal offer in the world of web hosting. The best thing with ASO, by far, could be their superb customer service. Send them a ticket, and you’re sure to get a response in just 30 minutes. They will welcome even the most stupid-sounding questions about their product. Indeed, every client is treated importantly, because ASO knows they are! Let’s run on to some of the best things ASO offers: 1. Good price – there is always one that will suit your budget. 2. Flexible plans – they will give you just the right package. 3. Uses the standard cPanel – user-friendly. 4. Fast response time – just 30 minutes, and you have their attention. 5. No hidden agenda – you’re getting exactly what you paid for. Here are some points on which ASO should make improvements: 1. No phone support – this may not be an issue to some, but it’s best to let your customers feel that you are there for them 24/7. 2. Lack of experience and longevity – it’s fair to say this, compared to the giants of the industry. In totality, ASO can easily be ranked on the 2nd or 3rd spot, among it’s competitors.

The company may be young, but if it’s able to maintain and keep up with its strengths, it’s going to be a sure success. After all, who else can spread the word better than ASO’s satisfied clients!

Online Games

How To Buy CS GO Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a flourishing market for in-game cosmetic items. Skins for weapons can be earned at random upon ranking up, but the flashiest (and priciest) skins are only found in supply cases, unlocked with keys purchased for real currency. The Steam Community Market allows players to trade their cosmetic items, but there exists a thriving outside market of third parties looking to buy, sell, and trade CS:GO cosmetics, allowing players to bid on items, gamble for items, and lock down that sexy AK-47 skin they’ve been looking at.

The Steam Community Market is the simplest place to acquire weapon skins, as it comes built into the game and is tightly integrated with the in-game inventory system. Players who earn cosmetics upon ranking up or trading with other players can list their cosmetics for sale on the Market, and set a minimum asking price. Then, players who are interested in acquiring those cosmetics can search the Market, specify how much they’re willing to pay for a given skin, and finally purchase the items with Steam Wallet funds, without ever leaving the Steam client. The Market has some limitations, though: the maximum asking price players can set for their items is $400, and there actually are cosmetics whose street value exceeds that amount. Also, a player who purchases a skin on the Market is unable to trade that skin for a week after purchasing; this prevents players from trying to exploit the system or make Steam funds by treating cosmetics as stocks.  

Far more advanced is the network of third-party cosmetic trading sites for CS:GO. These websites make money by taking a small amount off the top of each transaction, and they allow players to trade supply case keys for already-opened weapon skins. This way, players are able to ask for, and pay, much more than the $400 maximum Market price for a single cosmetic item. Many rare skins do indeed cost more than that, and some, like AWP Dragon Lore, cost in excess of $1500. Unfortunately, these sites also often come with an exploitative twist: gambling and raffle systems which allow players to try their luck in a skin trading lottery. By buying into the system with keys or low-quality cosmetics, players can hope to loot top-tier weapon skins for their accounts. However, if they don’t win the lottery, the sites keep their hard-earned skins. If a player wishes not to try their luck, it’s best they stick to trading skins on the Community Market.


What should I sell

What Should I Sell?

What should I sell? It’s a question that needs to ask when cash is short on hand. This is especially true if in a situation where an entity has many physical assets but not very many liquid assets (i.e. cash). It is always important to have enough liquid assets such as cash on hand to easily transfer wealth from one form to another. You cannot easily trade or transfer wealth unless there is a common bartering tool that all parties can agree on, which is liquid assets, or money.

Common assets that can be sold when asking what should I sell can include huge investments such as an already paid for a property, or something as small as a DVD at a pawn shop. Many people try to find a middle ground such as a television or a car. It is much more prudent to sell an asset you own when it is not of much practical use. This could include a rarely used vehicle or an old television or video game that doesn’t get much use. It is wise to rid all assets that have no value to the holder, as the trade-off for liquid assets (cash) is much higher in this case.

There are instances, however, when selling hard assets that are rarely used are not practical. In dire circumstances, it may be necessary to sell off assets that are in regular use, and thus have value to the holder. In these cases, it must be asked if the trade-off is worth it. For example, if the asset holder requires cash or money as soon as possible in order to pay off a loan that will take control of more of the holder’s assets that he/she would part with had they simply sold other assets and covered the loan if it defaults, it would be prudent to do so. It is a measured decision that must be determined from looking at all angles.

When concerning individuals ask what should I sell, there is often a sentimental value to the hard assets that they need to rid themselves of. For example, cash actually holds no sentimental value to an individual, but an expensive, kept in the family record player that is now antique does. This sentimental value has liquid cash value in itself. This is proven by the statement: Would one trade all of their memories of a relative for one hundred dollars? These memories are nothing but sentimental, however, most would ask if this money was worth the trade, thus proving sentimental ideas have value and must be considered when asking what should I sell.

Finally, one must look at the market when asking what should I sell. There is a constant and shifting sea of supply and demand for certain products, and the wise seller is aware of this and takes advantage of this. For instance, at one point the market may be paying more for Flat screen televisions instead of video game systems. If given a choice, the seller will take advantage and sell his/her flat screen while waiting for the demand, and thus price, of game systems to come back up. Common methods of checking the going prices and demands for products can be done as easily as checking the average prices for the product on online auction sites.

Seo Job

Whats Really Included In An Seos Job.

The job of an SEO, or search engine optimizer, is one which is increasingly becoming more important as businesses strive to achieve higher rankings on search sites such as Google and Bing. More of the world is depending on these search engines, and it is becoming vital that a company can be found via this source.

So what exactly does the job of an SEO entail? The lines of definition are a bit blurry in this aspect. Obviously, the broad definition is to increase rankings for business. But what about the how what, where, etc.? What defines what an SEO will do for you as a company? One big step, probably the biggest, towards answering these questions is to identify what your goals are for marketing your business. Will it be a broad goal, such as attracting people searching for the best coffeehouse in your city? Or will it be something more particular, such as searching for a specialty product?

Once you have the answer to this question, you can more directly tailor what an SEO will entail. Define what you are trying to rank for do you want to rank higher in a particular product you carry, or would you prefer to rank higher on a broader spectrum? The overall goal is to attract customers, so figure out what and who you are trying to attract, and for what reasons, before moving on.

There are also choices as to what specific search engines or outlets you are aiming for. For example, of course, there is Bing and Google. But there are also other avenues depending on what youre offering to customers. Do you have an app for a smartphone, meaning you need to do SEO on app stores?

In addition to these goals, you might also want to attract the attention of publications, reporters or other promotional opportunities. If they choose to promote your product, then that could substantially increase your attraction to customers. So its not always necessary to focus on customer attraction first and foremost. It depends on what you are shooting for.

For broader range search campaigns, such as cars, recipes, etc., the process is more blatantly about increasing overall search rankings. It all comes down to what you need specifically for your business. The goals of an SEO are completely customized for each different business, product, search engine, etc.

Ultimately, the job definition of an SEO is that there isnt a set definition. If the task at hand includes loading speed, web development, and software creation, then a good SEO will do this as well to attain the goals the client wishes to achieve. If it involves bringing in other people who can better handle these specific tasks, then do it. Make that part of the SEOs job description as well. The definition lines are blurry, but they should be. They should be nonexistent. The ultimate goal of an SEO is to accomplish the goals their clients set for them.